FAQ Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send new works on-line?
To send new information to blokfluit.org, do this:
1. Log-in (note that you should register first to have full access, registration is free of charge)
2. Click on "Modern"
3. Check first if the record is already listed in the database (search by name and/or search by title)
3. Click on "Submit-form" (you find it in the menu on your left, just under "Submit to catalogue")
4. Fill in the form as complete as possible
5. Click on "Process form" (bottom of the page).
We process new data on a weekly (sometimes a daily) basis.

How can I update existing records on-line?
If you wish to edit or update an existing record in our database:
1. Log-in (note that you should register first to have full access, registration is free of charge)
2. Click on "Modern" and start your search.  
3. Once you are in the record, you can either click on any of the questions marks “?”, or on the link “Update this Record” at the bottom of the page.
4. A new window will appear with all the fields and checkboxes possible to edit.
5. Click on "Process form" (bottom of the page).
We will process the changes as soon as possible.

How can I send digital scores, work previews, or audio samples?
You can easily upload your files via online services such as www.wetransfer.com.
You can upload scores and playing instructions (preferably in pdf format), preview images (JPG, GIF, or TIFF formats) and compressed audio samples (mp3, mp4, etc).
Please do mention the name of the composer and title of the piece at all times (!)

Our members love to see a small preview of the music score, just to get an idea about the music (style, difficulty), so we always ask composers, performers or publishers to send us copies of their works.

How can I send you scores, CD’s or any other hard copies?
CD’s, DVD’s, scores, magazines, publications, etc can be posted to:
Stichting Blokfluit
Postbus 22021
1302CA Almere
The Netherlands

I just submitted new information to the catalogue, how long does it take to see it on-line?
We process new data on a weekly (sometimes a daily) basis.

Do you sell scores or CD’s, can I download music from this site?
No, we only provide information about the listed works as much as we can. If you are interested in a specific work, you can contact the label, or the publishing house, or the editor, or the composer him/herself.

Is the catalogue available in other languages?
We use English only. Biographies and description of works are sometimes available in other languages.

Is there any audio in the site?
Not yet. Audio previews for the contemporary works will be added soon.

Would you like to receive emails about concert activities, new publications, etc?
Yes, as long as it includes recorder (blockflute) in it. Newsletters, concert announcements, new editions, etc can be sent to us by email.
This information is very helpful sometimes to keep track of new works, new publications and premieres.

What happens next with the scores I sent?
Once the new data have been successfully processed, we keep the scores in our archive. We never give these scores to anybody else (!)
Some composers request us to give their music to recorder players, with the aim to getting it performed. In this case, we make the music accessible to the Recorder Department of the Amsterdam Conservatory.

What is the Stichting Blokfluit?
The Stichting Blokfluit (Recorder Foundation) is a non-profit organization which aims to stimulate and promote the recorder's repertoire in every possible field by making it accessible to the public over the globe. One of the foundation's most important activities is the publication on the net of two comprehensive catalogues, the Catalogue of Contemporary Blockflute Music (CCBM) and the Catalogue of Historical Recorder Repertoire (CHRR), the largest database in this field worldwide.
More info in the about us section.

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